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Logo Leuchtturm Acquisition - a lighthouse for successful acquisition

Lighthouse Acquisition:

Sales manufacture for cold calling and new customer acquisition!

"We gain you a foothold at your ideal customers!"

Rainer Lohfeld, Owner

Our services in detail:
1. The Permanent Acquisition:

The objective is the telephone generation of regular and numerous inquiries for LEUCHTTURM business partners. This option is primarily provided for companies in the manufacturing industry, such as plastics, sheet metal, stamped parts, etc.

2. The Special Acquisition:

Here, selected contacts are generated for providers of special services.
Our customer commissions us to acquire specific target groups in order to arrange a meeting (inperson, by phone, digitally) to present their services.

1. Die Permanent-Akquise:

Ziel ist die telefonische Generierung von regelmäßigen und zahlreichen Anfragen für die LEUCHTTURM Geschäftspartner.
Diese Variante wird vorwiegend für Unternehmen im produzierenden Gewerbe geleistet wie z. B. Kunststoff-, Blech-, Stanzteile u.a. .

2. Die Spezial-Akquise:

Hierbei werden ausgewählte Kontakte für die Anbieter spezieller Leistungen generiert.
Unser Kunde beauftragt uns, bestimmte Zielgruppen zu akquirieren, um einen Termin (persönlich, telefonisch, digital) zur Vorstellung seiner Leistung zu fixieren.

This is what our customers say:

We are very satisfied with the performance of Leuchtturm, the work was done very professionally and systematically. I already consider the acquisition project a success and hope to turn the existing prospects into customers.
Bernhard Schüssel, Managing Director, ProMESTA Prüftechnik GmbH & Co. KG