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"Everything is possible if you trust me!"   Markus 9:23 NIV

I, Rainer Lohfeld, am a Christian and I firmly believe that, even in business, the most crucial element is the human factor! We are designed for relationships. That's why we not only offer competitive salaries but also more: Special relationships – among ourselves and with our business partners.

The ability to build relationships originates within families. That's why they are our focus and top priority: the stability and happiness of our employees' families and beyond. We are the most family-oriented company in the world and we wish for people to line up to work here.
People for whom family is as important as it is to us!

We want to shift away from a predominantly work-oriented lifestyle to one that is relationship-oriented. We firmly believe that healthy companies can achieve this. The economy should serve people, not the other way around. That's what we are working towards – will you join us?


  • We work always honestly, diligently, and reliably to the glory of God and for the benefit of our fellow human beings.
  • We constantly strive for personal development.
  • We respect the dignity and rights of each individual.
  • We preserve and enhance the stability of families and ensure regular rest and recuperation for our employees.
  • We work with profitability to fulfill our responsibilities.
  • We gladly give and are able to contribute to the positive development of others.
  • We handle entrusted resources with care.
  • We always provide excellent performance and firmly believe that our actions speak louder than our words.