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Logo Leuchtturm Acquisition - a lighthouse for successful acquisition


I. Determine the position

"We find the position from which your company uniquely shines in the market."
Why should a potential new customer buy from you? What makes your company, your service special? What benefits do you provide, what do you do differently (preferably better than others?)
  • You only have a short moment to grab the attention of others - this "20-second sentence" is important!

II. Develop the reach*

"The higher we build your lighthouse, the further it shines to new customers"
The lighthouse method is based on strategic planning: After we have defined the goals of our work together with you, we develop ideas for addressing and handling objections, conduct research on addresses and contacts... - we develop your individual concept.

* Nautical term: Due to the curvature of the Earth, the reach of a lighthouse depends on its height above sea level.

III. Ignite the beacon

"We initiate professional acquisition."

Together, we have clarified the message and approach, and now the acquisition begins - friendly and persistent! You can rely on our professional dedication and focus entirely on your core business.