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Our Team

The Leuchtturm team consists of employees and freelance collaborators, based in various regions of Germany. Working from home is standard for us (long before Corona!). We are flexible and can schedule our time according to our personal life situations, accommodating families. It fits!

We are predominantly business professionals from different fields, having worked in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the large industry. We engage in acquisition activities in German, English, Spanish and French languages, and have had the opportunity to actively serve our clients in various target sectors. We bring a wealth of experience from hundreds of professional and life years.

We primarily work for SMEs and research institutes. We are their voice in the market. Not a call center, but a sales manufacturing unit! It is very exciting and diverse. And almost always, we interact with friendly people!

Because this is important: enjoyment in work! Delivering excellent performance and having fun in the process. Bringing variety, contributing and experimenting with our own ideas. Ensuring fair and timely salary payments, fostering a relaxed working environment. We want and will continue to grow together, both quantitatively and qualitatively – are you in?

Rainer Lohfeld

Rainer Lohfeld

I am a specialist in B2B customer acquisition.

The Leuchtturm method was developed by me to bring together medium-sized companies that complement each other ideally and can benefit from each other.

Furthermore, my heart beats for my family. As a husband, father, and grandfather, I am committed to linking both:

  • People should find jobs that can be seamlessly integrated with their family situation.

  • And companies should thrive by becoming "dream employers" – giving the term "family business" a whole new meaning!