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The LEUCHTTURM performance summarized:

  • Familiarization with the customer service offering

  • Development of a suitable approach concept
  • Research of corresponding target groups (companies, municipalities, among others)
  • Identification and acquisition of contact persons and brief information about the customer services
  • Possibly sending informational materials
  • Follow-up with the identified individuals to determine current interest and specific needs
  • Maintenance of new and existing contacts (e.g., former clients, trade show contacts, among others)
  • Documentation of sales support (contacts, interest, communication content)
  • Reporting according to customer's request (Excel format; weekly, monthly, ...)
  • Personal coordination meeting once a month (optional)

We distinguish two approaches:

1. Permanent Acquisition:
The goal is to generate regular and numerous inquiries through telephone calls for LEUCHTTURM's business partners. This variant is mainly provided for companies in the manufacturing sector, such as plastics, sheet metal, stamping parts, and others.
2. Specialized Acquisition:
In this case, selected contacts are generated for providers of specific services. Our client commissions us to acquire certain target groups in order to schedule an appointment (in person, via telephone, digitally) to present their service.